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Dental Braces

Dental braces can be highly anticipated and dreaded at the same time. For those who were not born with perfectly straight teeth, getting braces could be a dream come true. For those who have minor imperfections in their teeth, they might not be as ecstatic about getting metal brackets placed on their teeth. However, the benefits of braces last for years and can drastically improve a smile for the sacrifice of a few years with metal braces. In Lantana, our orthodontists work hard to perfect the art of dental braces. While many may think, braces are all for looks. There are other improvements braces can have on an individual’s life besides straighter teeth.

What Can Braces Do for Me?

Many know the aesthetic reasons to get braces, but what many don’t know the underlying benefits one can reap from getting braces. When your teeth are being moved around your mouth, remember that your roots are going along with the crowns, and your bite may change. By repairing the insides of your mouth, you are ensuring everything is in the right working condition. More in-depth problems that are fixed include the following:

  • Jaw pain or temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD): As people get older, painful jaws is something that happens routinely and this pain is called TMD. This disorder occurs from many reasons, but problems with teeth alignment is what causes it most often than not. Braces can help align teeth now to avoid TMD in the future.

  • Braces can avoid turmoil in the future: As children grow into their teeth, many dentists can tell when a child will need orthodontic help before all their teeth grow in. If your child is going to need dental braces, it is important to begin their process so they can grow into a healthy smile rather than having to alter it later in life.

  • Solve speech impediments: dental braces can get rid of speech problems early on in life. When teeth are positioned a certain way, they can alter the way an individual utters their words. Braces will easily eliminate any of the speech impediments connected with teeth alignment.

If you were thinking about braces for yourself or your children, it is never too early to begin the process. In fact, the earlier you begin the process, the least taxing it will be on you or your child later in life.


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